Finding Your Work-Life Balance When You Work From Home

Working remotely sounds like a dream. You have no standard daily commute. You can pick your kids up from school. And maybe even run to the store if you need to. However, most remote workers quickly learn that work-life balance can be difficult to achieve when the lines between home and work become blurred. Use these tips to find your work-life balance if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed.

Don’t Sign on When You Wake Up

Don’t fall into the trap of reaching for your laptop to “send a quick email” as soon as you wake up. This is a great way to get sucked into working before the sun even comes up. If you do it every day, you’ll quickly feel burned out. Instead go through a standard morning routine of getting ready for the day. Take time to get ready, eat something or work out before you begin your workday.

Stop Working at the Close of Business

Don’t let the fact that you don’t have an office building to work in daily make you feel like you must spend your Saturday afternoon working because you don’t have other plans. Regardless of whether you’ve been on the road or if you’ve been making sales calls from your home office during the week, be sure to plan some separation between your personal and work time to ensure you don’t burn out.

Don’t Let Others Take Advantage of You

When you work remotely, you’ll find that people often think you don’t actually work. Your spouse may expect you to do chores or run errands throughout the day, your friends may ask you for favors, etc. Don’t think you can do it all when you work remotely, because you can’t. Set clear boundaries that your work hours are for work, and your off hours are for family, fun, and yes, chores.

Set a Routine that Fits Your Needs

Whether you have a week packed with meetings and will be traveling to sales appointments each day or you have a quieter week with some time spent working from your home office, be sure to create a schedule for your work hours. Knowing how you will spend your time helps you remain productive and create a strong work-life balance.

Are You Looking for Better Remote Work Opportunities?

When it comes to managing work-life balance, sometimes the right opportunity can make all the difference. If you are an agricultural sales, marketing or technology professional interested in remote project management assignments, contact the expert recruiters at Magnify Resources today. We can help you find assignments where you can make a difference and feel a sense of work-life balance.


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