Are You Motivated by Your Career?

Your skills and talents are important when it comes to career success in the sales and marketing field. However, all the skills and talent in the world will get you nowhere if you don’t have motivation. Being self-motivated is a critical success factor at all levels of your career. Motivation drives you to get out of bed in the morning, put your best foot forward throughout the day and grow professionally over time. Are you motivated by your career?

Staying Motivated Is a Challenge

Nobody can stay motivated 100 percent of the time. Everyone hits roadblocks and rough patches that test their motivation. Lots of things can impact motivation from the weather outside to the way you feel about your profession. The key is to understand how motivation impacts us.

Motivation influences the way we think and feel. For example, if you’re having a bad month at work, you may not feel motivated to come home and read sales and marketing books or blogs. You certainly won’t feel motivated to learn a new skill in your free time. However, when you are feeling motivated and you’re “in the zone” at work, you have lots of drive to build your skills and knowledge, and you’re happy to immerse yourself in sales and marketing topics.

So, what can you do to decrease those periods of time when you don’t feel motivated?

What You Do Every Day Matters

Oftentimes, your job is a major source of career-based motivation. When you’re not happy at work, you can find yourself questioning your entire career choice. Staying happy at work can be a challenge. Many people start new jobs with a bang, and once they settle in to the “reality” of the job, they feel less motivated.

There is a way you can always feel the excitement and motivation associated with starting a new job: Project management work. As a project manager, you are constantly exposed to new employers and new projects, which can motivate you to stay sharp and on top of your sales and marketing game. You can focus on building and using your favorite skills, and you can move up to more challenging and complex projects over time.

In a “traditional” role it is easy to become complacent. You learn quickly how much effort is just enough to keep you off your boss’s radar, and while that space may be safe, it is hardly motivating. As a project manager, you work for a set period of time for an employer, which means you never reach that point where you settle into complacency. Project management can be extremely exciting and motivating for sales and marketing pros who enjoy challenges.

Are You Ready to Get Motivated by Your Career?

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