Expand Your Candidate Pool

It would be great if you woke up tomorrow to find qualified salespeople banging down your door to work for you, but that’s not the world we live in. Most hiring managers struggle to find the right people for ag sales roles. Fortunately, there is a way to expand your candidate pool and locate the right salespeople when you need them.

Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty

This is an old proverb, but it should be the guiding force behind any sales recruiting strategy. If you wait until you need someone to start looking for candidates, you will always struggle. The best way to connect with talented salespeople is to build a candidate pipeline. Unfortunately, most internal HR teams simply do not have the bandwidth to develop and maintain passive recruiting strategies.

This is where a professional ag sales recruiting firm can make all the difference. Working with a partner established in the market virtually guarantees you can expand your talent pool in an instant. Specialized agriculture recruiting firms can achieve this through:

  • An “active” passive recruiting strategy: Strong recruiters are always recruiting. They get to know professionals in the market so when an opportunity arises, they can match great companies with great people, fast.
  • Social media marketing: Good recruiters use sound marketing strategies to build relationships with and attract salespeople through social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Networking: Recruiters know the power of old-fashioned networking and attend local, regional and national events on a regular basis to connect with top talent.
  • Referral programs: Nobody knows more talented salespeople than talented salespeople. Recruiting firms lean on their talent to help them connect with top professionals in the market.
  • Reach beyond the market: You don’t have to limit yourself to recruiting in your backyard. Thanks to the power of mobility, you can hire top salespeople from across the country. While this could be a daunting prospect for your organization, strategic ag recruiters have already built a national network of talent.

Leveraging a Strategic Recruiting Partnership for Success

If you truly want to expand your talent pool through a strategic partnership, you must choose the right recruiting partner. As you consider your options, determine whether the firm truly has expertise in the ag market, and whether they specialize in the types of sales role your company requires.

Next, talk to them about their recruiting strategies. Learn how they build their pipeline – and more importantly, whether such a pipeline even exists. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for references and success stories from companies with challenges similar to yours.

At Morris Bixby, we know the challenges you face when it comes to recruiting in the ag business. Our recruiters take a proactive and team-based approach to ensure we deliver the right candidates to your door, every time. If you are ready to partner with the best,  contact the agricultural industry staffing experts at Morris Bixby Group. We look forward to helping you achieve your strategic recruiting goals.


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