Why Didn’t You Get the Job?

As a sales and marketing professional, you understand the value of feedback in helping you grow and improve on the job. Feedback is equally important to a job search but it is difficult to know what went wrong or where you could improve because you never receive feedback from a hiring manager. If you don’t get the job, you will likely receive a form letter – or nothing at all. If your job search has stalled and you’re looking for feedback from hiring managers, here are tips on how to ask for it like a professional.

Sample Feedback Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

You likely will not get a response if you simply ask, “Why didn’t I get the job?” When asking for feedback, you want to be as specific as possible to increase the chances of getting a response. Consider asking questions like:

  • What one piece of advice could you give me to improve in my next interview?
  • Which skills were a priority for this position?
  • Do you have any advice on projects I should tackle to gain more experience?

Questions like these are more likely to generate a response for several reasons. First, they are about looking forward, rather than focusing on what went wrong. Second, they don’t require the hiring manager to address any personal issues that could make you uncomfortable or could even lead to legal trouble for the organization.

What to Do After You Receive Feedback

If you ask for feedback, be prepared to accept it like a professional and not take it personally. Think of it as a way to learn and move on from there. If you frame your question in the form of advice, like in the examples above, you are more likely to receive actionable feedback that won’t bruise your ego.

When you do receive feedback, take the time to craft a short but genuine thank-you email. The hiring manager took the time to respond to you, so pay it back by showing gratitude for their input. This simple action will also help the hiring manager remember you as a professional who is polite and eager to improve, and keep you top-of-mind if a role opens that is more suitable for you.

The Easy Way to Always Get Feedback

If you are looking to improve your interviewing skills by receiving feedback, work with a professional recruiter. After every interview, your recruiter will debrief with you to provide you with feedback from the hiring manager. You’ll get regular access to valuable, actionable input without putting the hiring manager on the spot.

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