How to Attract the Passive Job Seeker

In a tight job market, finding qualified and aligned active candidates is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Taking a reactionary approach and waiting until a position opens to find a candidate can leave you with a shallow – or empty – pool of talent. That is why is it so important to build a pipeline of passive job seekers who are skilled and aligned with your organization. This, however, is much easier said than done. Here are strategies you can use to start attracting passive job seekers today.

Build Your Employer Brand

Your company probably embraces online branding to attract new business and the same concepts can be used to attract passive candidates. Showcasing your company culture and your employer brand on your website and through social media can catch the eye of passive candidates who aren’t in a hurry to find a job, but who are open to new opportunities.

A strong brand also helps strengthen the abilities of your outside recruiting partner. When a recruiter reaches out to passive candidates, those pros will research your company to see what it’s all about. Make sure they find a section on your website dedicated to corporate culture and be sure your social media accounts reflect your company personality and showcase employees.

Develop an Employee Referral Program

Happy and engaged employees can be a great resource for finding talent and incentivizing those employees to recommend candidates can pay dividends. Employee referrals boast the highest closing ratio of applications to hires of any other method. Furthermore, referred employees report higher job satisfaction than traditionally sourced candidates and they also have a higher retention rate.

Get Active in the Local Business Community

Ambitious professionals are active in local business, community, and industry groups. If you’re not taking part in seminars, mixers, and events, you are missing opportunities to connect with passive talent. A great way to boost visibility and build your brand is to host events on-site, opening your office to outsiders so they can see your company up close.

Partner With a Recruiter

Attracting and maintaining relationships with passive talent is a marathon, not a sprint and it is often difficult for internal teams to commit the time and energy to a passive recruiting strategy. By partnering with a professional recruiter, you instantly tap into their network of passive talent an increase your chances of quickly filling open roles with high-quality contributors.

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