Small Ways You Can Improve Productivity in Your Employees

A productive workforce is a profitable workforce but boosting productivity can often feel like an elusive goal. You can’t simply demand more output – you have to look for ways to improve productivity incrementally. Here are some small ways you can help improve productivity in your employees.

Reduce Distractions

Phones, email, social media, chat groups, and other distractions bombard your employees each day. You can help them reduce distractions, however, by encouraging them to turn off notifications and only check their email and phone messages at certain times of the day. It also pays to encourage regular breaks so the team can feel free to check their phones, ensuring the time they spend at their desks will be more productive.

Provide Great Tools

Tools facilitate employees’ ability to do their work efficiently and on time. Outdated tools and paperwork are counterproductive and inefficient. Invest in updated tools that will reduce redundancies and can be accessed in the cloud, so employees can access what they need, when they need it, without hassle.

Set Realistic Goals and Offer Support

Without goals, it is impossible to measure whether employees are high performers or not. Clear, achievable goals provide employees with expectations and a roadmap so they know where to spend their energy. They will know what to prioritize and they will understand how success is measured. Check in regularly with employees to see how things are going and to provide them with support when they need it.

Provide Ongoing Feedback

Employees have no idea how they are doing unless you tell them. Lack of feedback can mean they repeat poor behaviors or they fail to repeat positive, productive behaviors. When you see someone doing something you want them to repeat, tell them they are doing a good job and to keep it up. When you see someone struggling, step in and offer constructive feedback and work on a plan for improvement. Real-time feedback allows for real-time adjustments that improve productivity and engagement.

Cultivate Happy Employees

Happy employees are productive employees. A poor culture or work environment leads to higher levels of disengagement and even increased absenteeism. Focus on building a strong, supportive culture and show you respect your employees and value them. If people are dissatisfied, find out why and work with them to help them reconnect with their jobs.

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