How To Reduce Turnover

Solving the problem of high turnover is never easy. It can be difficult to learn exactly why employees are quitting, because most people avoid awkward conversations. However, the only way to stop turnover is to uncover and address its root causes. If you are suffering from high turnover on your team, use these strategies to reduce it today.

Provide Challenging Opportunities

Talented people want to be challenged in their careers and they want to grow as professionals. If you’re consistently losing high performers, lack of opportunity and boredom could be the problem. Look for ways to help your team find new challenges, develop their skills, and take on new responsibilities. If you don’t find new ways to keep your team engaged, another company will.

Provide Better Balance

Today’s professionals crave strong work-life balance. Many adults are raising children, caring for aging parents, juggling personal and social projects, or all of the above. Employers that understand their employees have lives outside of work will always attract and retain strong performers. If your team is overworked, consider options like flexible schedules, telecommuting days, remote job opportunities or hiring more people to balance out the work.

Show Appreciation

People who do not feel valued and appreciated will not stay with your company over the long-term. First and foremost, make sure salary and benefits are competitive. An underpaid employee will almost always leave for a better opportunity with a bigger paycheck. Focus on promoting people from within and helping them develop their careers. Nothing says “you are valued” like a promotion and a raise. Finally, make sure you are cultivating a culture where managers and leaders thank people and recognize them when they go above and beyond.

Focus On Your Culture

A toxic work environment is rife with turnover.  Burnout, negativity, lack of appreciation, extreme politics, gossip, poor management and more can all contribute to a toxic culture. Study employees’ past exit interviews to see if you can uncover patterns, and if you find cultural-related issues, address them immediately. Sometimes this means losing a manager, but it is important to remember that it’s better to lose one employee than struggle with constant turnover.

Ready To End Turnover?

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