What are the Signs of an Unhappy Employee?

Ideally, all of your employees would be happy all day, every day. Realistically, however, you will encounter unhappy employees from time to time. The reasons why employees become unhappy can vary – they may be related to their responsibilities, company culture, coworker conflict, or even personal issues. No matter the source, it is important to know the signs of unhappiness so you can address it quickly before the unhappy employee becomes so miserable that they look for other work.

Their Productivity Plummets

When a typically productive high-performer suddenly starts to backslide, it is a good sign that they are unhappy. If you notice this behavior, sit down with the employee and ask if there is anything you can help them with or anything they want to talk to you about. Address concerns head-on and follow through with solutions.

Attendance Issues

Happy employees have no trouble showing up for work on time and staying until the end of the day. Unhappy people struggle to drag themselves in and hightail it out the door before the day is over. They may also take longer lunches or frequent sick days. If you start noticing this behavior it is wise to address it immediately.

They Keep To Themselves

Coworkers are the number one driver of employee happiness. When employees are happy, they get along with others and tend to build personal relationships with colleagues. An employee who was once friendly and engaged with others has noticeably become a loner, is showing signs of unhappiness. Don’t be afraid to address isolation with an employee – while it could be a sign of unhappiness at work, it could also be a sign of real depression.

Their Attitude Sours

There will always be negative people in a workplace, but if someone who is usually positive and upbeat suddenly becomes a Debbie Downer, begins causing trouble among coworkers, trashes other people’s ideas, gets agitated about new assignments, etc. has something going on. Negativity is not only a sign that the employee is unhappy, but also poses a significant risk. This behavior can spread throughout the team and undermine the happiness of the entire organization.

How To Take Constructive Action

If you notice signs of unhappiness, take immediate steps to rectify the situation. The longer you let it fester, the more likely you are to lose a once-productive employee. Schedule a meeting to talk to the employee about what’s going on and ask what you can do to help them. Offer solutions and do what you can, but make it clear that there will be consequences if their behavior continues.

Don’t let one unhappy employee bring everyone else down with them. The sooner you address the problem, the more likely you’ll be to solve it before it gets out of hand. If you are looking for impactful sales and marketing pros for your ag business who will be valuable members of the team, contact the expert agriculture recruiters at Morris Bixby today.


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