Are You Writing Attractive Job Descriptions?

How much time do you spend crafting an attractive job description for an open role? Most hiring managers tend to copy the current job description, slap it online and hope for the best. However, job descriptions are a sales tool for attracting top talent and in a tight employment market, companies need every advantage to stand out and to ensure they are attracting the caliber of talent they need. Here are some tips to help you write more attractive job descriptions.

Use Clear And Specific Job Titles

It might feel fun to say you’re looking for a “marketing maven” or a “sales rockstar,” but job seekers don’t search for terms like this when looking for a job.  Cute buzzwords don’t make you seem like a hip or cool company, they actually make you seem slightly out of touch. Instead of using clichés, use the exact job title you are filling because that’s what serious job seekers will be looking for.  Keywords are far more important than buzzwords.

Include Job Goals

Nearly every job posting lists responsibilities of the role. Those are important and necessary but if you want to stand out, also include the meat of the job. List goals and expected outcomes so that you attract the right caliber of applicants and ensure those applicants have a feel for expectations straight out of the gate.

Add A Salary Range

Many employers are afraid to post a salary range for their jobs. However, this can be a valuable tool for attracting aligned candidates and setting realistic expectations. Unfortunately, salary talks often happen after a phone screen and sometimes after a first interview. If you’re paying $60k and the candidate is expecting $100k, you’ve wasted both your time and theirs.  Posting a salary range demonstrates a commitment to transparency and helps your job stand out in a sea of other posts.

Showcase Company Culture

While it is necessary to attract candidates with the right skills and qualifications for the job, it is also necessary to attract candidates who will fit in well with your corporate culture. Include information about your company in every job description. Were you named a “Best Place to Work?” Do you participate in community events?  Do you allow time off for volunteer work? These nuggets of information can go a long way in attracting talent.

Is Your Business Experiencing Recruiting Challenges?

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