Your Guide to Writing Better Job Posts

Is your ag business struggling to attract qualified applicants to your sales and marketing jobs? If you’re not getting the right applicants, it’s easy to assume the problem is a lack of talent. However, the problem actually could be much closer to home. The key to attracting qualified and aligned candidates is writing job posts that accurately reflect exactly what you are looking for in a candidate. The way you word a job description directly impacts the quality of applicant who will take steps to apply. Here are tips on how to write descriptions that will help you attract top sales and marketing professionals.

Use the Actual Job Title

People search for jobs using very specific keywords – typically the title of the job they are going after. Calling your job “Sales Ninja” or “Marketing Maven” may seem like a way to catch attention, but cutesy titles could hurt you. If your job does not come up in search results, talent cannot find you, so always use the exact job title in your description.

Hook Them From the First Line

People will scan the first few lines of a job post before deciding whether to continue reading the list of requirements. Therefore, you want to hook them from your first sentence. Make the job sound exciting and give the job seeker a reason to read the entire post thoroughly.

Focus on Your Company

Talented people want to know about the company posting the job. They want to hear your story so they can decide whether to do more research, apply immediately or move on to the next job. Talk about your company, including how long you’ve been in business, tout impressive employee retention stats (if true), talk about exciting projects and awards, and showcase company culture and perks.

Include Salary Information

Many employers shy away from posting salary, but it’s smarter to focus on transparency. Nothing is more frustrating to a candidate then finding out after they’ve already applied and interviewed that their salary expectations are misaligned. Job seekers will respect your honesty and transparency.

Be Honest About Requirements

When listing responsibilities, be very honest about what you’re looking for and what you need in an applicant. If you are too vague, you’ll probably attract more applicants, but they will likely not be well aligned. However, you don’t want to go too far, overboard. If your list of responsibilities and requirements is too long, you’ll turn people off. Be candid and don’t include more than you need.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Hiring Process?

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