Go From a Follower to a Leader

Do you want to go from a contributing team member to a leader? If you want to grow your career, it’s important to take charge of that goal and engage in the necessary steps and strategies to stop being seen as a follower and start being seen as a leader.

The Good News? Leadership Can Be Developed

It is a common misconception that certain people innately possess leadership qualities. In fact, leadership qualities can be developed in just about anyone. Some of the most important qualities that you’ll need to build your leadership abilities include:

  • Confidence. Confidence is something that can be built up over time. So even if you don’t feel confident, work to exude it in everything you do. Eventually, true confidence will follow.
  • Knowledge. Great leaders have a wealth of knowledge. This is something that can also be built over time, but you must actively pursue it.
  • Decision-making abilities. Leaders must be able to take decisive action, often quickly. To grow as a leader, practice making firm and swift decisions.
  • Respect. Respect is earned, not given and it starts by respecting others, whether they are above you, below you, your peers or even people you don’t particularly like.
  • Communication. Good leaders can communicate effectively – which means not only sending verbal and written messages but also receiving messages and listening to others.

How to Move from A Follower to A Leader

So, now that you know leadership skills can be developed, you’ll want to strategize ways to move from a follower to a leader.

  • Be patient. Developing leadership skills takes time. The first thing to understand is that it could take years to cultivate the knowledge and experience to be seen as someone who is ready for leadership.
  • Learn, learn, learn. Become an active participant in your goal of becoming a leader. Learn as much as you can about your industry, your company, etc. Read books on leadership and consider attending classes and seminars.
  • Communicate your goals. No one will hand you a leadership role. Share your goals with your boss and ask for some guidance on what you need to do to take the next steps.
  • Volunteer to head up projects. You can gain leadership experience by stepping up and asking to head up projects. If you don’t have opportunities to do this in your daily work, consider joining committees. If your company has a social committee, a wellness committee, etc., join up and step up.
  • Apply for leadership roles. Start throwing your hat into the ring for leadership roles at your company or with new companies. It might take a while to land a role, but with each interview, you’ll learn where your strengths and weaknesses are and you can work to improve.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Sales and Marketing Career?

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