Torn Between 2 Candidates? Here’s How to Choose the Best One for Your Business

Hiring in the current competitive talent market makes it a challenge to find even one great candidate for sales and marketing jobs in agriculture. So when you have the opposite problem and you must choose between two great candidates, it can seem at first like a good problem to have. But its still a problem. Which do you choose? How do you avoid making the wrong choice?

Use these strategies to help you choose between two great candidates.  

Identify the Candidate Who Has Most Important Skills  

First, take the job description and sit down with the person who will supervise the new hire. From your required skill list, choose the three that are the most important. Then determine which of your top two choices has all three skills. If they both do, add a fourth and fifth and so on down the line until one stands out. 

Factor In Enthusiasm  

All things can be equal on paper, but there is no substitute for true enthusiasm. After all, you can teach someone a new skill, but you cant teach them to be passionate about what they do. Reflect back on your interviews with both candidates and identify the person who showed the most natural and genuine enthusiasm. If you find this difficult, call them both back in for another interview. Perhaps have each one prepare a short presentation about why they love sales/marketing and agriculture and see who shows more passion. 

Let Them Meet The Team  

Many companies host informal gatherings for job finalists where those candidates get to meet the people they will be potentially working with. It could be a lunch, happy hour, dinner or just a potluck on company property. Let each candidate mingle with the team and see how they interact. Afterward, get feedback from the team on what they observed.  

Get A Soft Close From The Candidates 

If you take measures like the ones suggested here and you still cant decide, it might be best to let the candidates tell you directly whether they want the job or not. Ask each person, if we sent you an offer today, what would prevent you from accepting it? You might find that one candidate is actually on the fence or the other wants much more money than you thought, etc.  When floating an offer, it should be evident whether the candidate is genuinely interested in the position.  

Work With An Expert Recruiter 

Its not always easy to choose the right candidate for an open role, especially if you have two candidates who are basically equal on paper. If you are looking to improve your recruiting, hiring and retention processes for sales and marketing positions at your ag businessreach out to the expert agriculture recruiters at Morris Bixby today. 


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