2020 Hiring Trends: The Role Technology Plays in Agricultural Recruiting

Recruiting is always evolving, and technology has been the biggest facilitator of change in the recruiting world across the last decade or so. Thanks to advancements in tech, the speed and accuracy of hiring and recruiting are improving every year.  

AI Every Day  

A few years ago, artificial intelligence was something of a novelty. HR and recruiting technologies were incorporating it here or there, but now, it is being introduced into everyday processes to help HR professionals and recruiters save significant time.   

AI can facilitate faster screening while also reducing unintentional bias, chatbots help carry out manual tasks like scheduling interviews and answering common candidates questions, AI enhances the job search and application process for potential candidates and more. As the workforce begins to welcome more and more members of Generation Z each year, it will be important to showcase an application and hiring process that is tech-driven and streamlined.  

Social Media Should Be Front And Center 

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you probably look up all serious candidates on social media before making a decision. And while you are doing that, potential candidates are checking out your company’s social media to get a feel for your culture, mission, and more. This two-way street makes social media a logical place to enhance recruiting.  

It should still be used in the evaluation process to get a feel for how passionate and knowledgeable a candidate is about his or her field, whether they have a professional brand and how they interact with others. But it can also be used to identify well-matched passive and active candidates. You can also leverage features of certain platforms to allow for one-click applications to make the process easy for candidates to apply right from their feed, whether on desktop or mobile.  

Video Chatting Will Be An Important Tool  

“Social distancing” became the norm around the globe in March of 2020, and many experts think that the impact of social distancing will change the way we recruit, hire and work in the future. Remote work, which was already growing exponentially each year, suddenly became the norm for millions of more Americans. That means more people are now much more comfortable using video platforms and working remotely. 

Hiring managers who struggle to find local candidates can use video technology to interview candidates at a distance and even hire and work with great candidates. Companies that never thought they could manage remote work are finding ways to do it thanks to social distancing and that means those same companies can enhance their talent pool by opening themselves up to remote hires.  

Is Your Ag Business Looking For Talent?  

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