10 Tips for Writing an Agriculture Job Description that Attracts Top Talent

Reviewing dozens if not hundreds resumes and cover letters for a single job can be tedious and sorting through scads of applications from unqualified applicants is a waste of your time. You can help improve the quality of applicants while saving time and resources by writing job descriptions that attract the right kind of people. Here are ten tips you can use when posting your next agriculture job description.  

  1. Always Write A New Description

If you’re hiring for a role that hasn’t been vacant in five years, the old description may not be accurate. Always sit down with the direct supervisors and others who have the same job title to ensure accuracy before posting. 

  1. Use Precise Job Titles 

Using fun phrases like “rock star’ and “ninja” can be tempting, but they do nothing for searchability and in fact, may turn off some job seekers. Use industry-specific language to match what candidates are searching for.  

  1. Engage At The Start  

Begin with a concise, overview of the job function, how it contributes to company objectives and the value the new employee will bring to the organization. This will help candidates see why this job matters.  

  1. Avoid Extreme Language 

You may be looking for a “perfectionist” but not all talented people see themselves in extremes.  Be clear about what you are looking for but avoid extreme modifiers that can potentially cost you great candidates.  

  1. Go Beyond Tasks

Don’t just list out the daily tasks of the job, talk about the overarching responsibilities associated with the job and the expectations you have for the candidate. 

  1. Create A Sense of Urgency 

You want candidates to feel a sense of urgency to apply, even if you aren’t desperate to fill the role. Give potential applicants a deadline so they are motivated to move.  

  1. Include Cultural Information 

Culture matters to candidates. They want to know whether they will thrive in your environment so it’s important to be upfront about your culture and start introducing them to that culture in the job description.  

  1. Pay Attention To Details 

Poorly written posts or posts with errors will turn off smart, talented people. Always run spell-check and grammar check and have colleagues review a job description before you send it out.  

  1. Format it Well 

Make sure to use line and paragraph breaks and whenever you list anything, use bullets. You want it to be as easy to read as possible. And remember, your job description should be a minimum of 150 words for search engines, but not so long that you overwhelm job seekers and lose applicants.  

  1. Work With An Agriculture Recruiting Firm 

Writing effective job descriptions is something of an art form. Working with an expert agriculture recruiting firm that has proven experience attracting top talent will give you a leg up over your competitors right from the beginning. If you are looking for sales and marketing pros, contact the expert agriculture recruiters at Morris Bixby  today.  


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