Why Now is the Best Time to Survey Employees 

Anonymous employee surveys are an efficient way to get your finger on the pulse of company morale and employee feelings about their jobs. This type of feedback is essential for identifying strengths and weaknesses in management and building a strong company culture. Surveys can be conducted at any time, but they should be conducted in both positive times and stressful times for more accurate results. Surveying employees when times are challenging provides a strong listening tool which is why now is the best time to survey employees.  

Surveying Now Shows You Care  

2020 has been rough on everyone and employees want to know that you care about their personal and professional experiences. Surveys acknowledge that the company understands employees are going through hard times and sends the message that you are listening.  

However, it’s not enough to just craft and distribute the survey. To truly show that the company is listening, it is necessary to share the results of the survey with the entire company and to develop plans to take action on the results. This will build trust and credibility while helping the organization meet critical employee needs.  

You Can’t Help If You Don’t Know Where Help Is Needed  

Not every employee is comfortable speaking up about their needs, especially when they may feel uncertain about the future of the company. No one wants to be a squeaky wheel during tough times, but as a leader, you probably want to be there to provide the support your team needs. Whether they want to see more safety protocols put in place, whether they need technology assistance working from home or something else, you can’t meet employee needs if you don’t identify them.  

Try to avoid only open-ended questions like, “how are you feeling?” Instead, ask a series of specific questions regarding personal well-being, their feelings about the company’s response to the crisis, whether employees feel they have the tools and support to do their jobs well. Follow up each closed-ended question with an area for employees to leave suggestions about the response they’d like to see.  

Surveying Now Can Help Your Company Emerge Strong  

Recovery from this black-swan recession will be challenging so you want to keep top performers engaged. By going directly to employees to find out what they need and want, you can help boost morale today so that you can hang on to great employees when the economy reaches full recovery mode. Employees who felt that your company didn’t meet their needs during trying times will seek out organizations that did support employees.  

The acts of listening and responding can boost morale and productivity today so that your company can emerge as a market leader when the tide finally turns.  

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