Why Your Brand Is More Important Than You Think

With tens of millions of people out of work, it should be easy to attract candidates in this market, right? Not necessarily. You might get lots of applications, but how many of those applicants are qualified, experienced, and well-aligned with your organization? Talented job seekers can be selective no matter what is happening in the economy.

Now, more than ever, your brand is more important than you might think. 

What’s In It For Me?  

Talented people, even those who need a job, want to know the value your company will bring to their professional life. Do you have an employee value proposition (EVP)? Your EVP shows that value and can be a magnet for attracting the right talent.  Think about what your business does differently for your employees. Why do happy people stay with you? What are the positive things you hear about working for your company? Showcase your EVP in social media, on your website and in your job postings.  

How Did You Navigate Tough Times?  

No one likes talking about it, but COVID-19 is very real and has had a major impact on everyone’s personal and professional lives. For the foreseeable future, candidates will want to know what you did to take care of both employees and your business during hard times.  

Applicants will want to know how you treated your employees this year. Did you treat laid-off employees well? Did you keep essential workers safe? What did you do to put health and safety first? 

How Are You Operating Safely Today?  

Applicants don’t want to work for companies that aren’t committed to protecting employees until a cure or vaccine is found. They will look for certain markers that indicate your business cares. You can stand out by: 

  • Highlighting jobs that are remote.  
  • Discuss PPE you provide and safety measures you take on-site.  
  • Showcase jobs that offer healthcare benefits. 
  • Talk about COVID-related benefits and concerns directly.  

What Are Other People Saying 

Applicants will check Glassdoor, Indeed and Google for reviews. If you had to lay people off, you might want to check and make sure your reviews haven’t tanked thanks to disgruntled former employees.  

Any time a business has less than a 5-star rating, 80% of consumers lose trust, according to ReviewTrackers. If you see negative reviews, you need to deal with them.  Always respond with understanding and empathy. If you satisfactorily resolve the individual’s issue, they may even be willing to amend the review.  

Do You Sound Authentic?  

Today’s job seekers are savvy and they can spot lip service a mile away. They will check your claims against online reviews, social media posts and news stories. Always be consistent and authentic. By regularly sharing and showcasing positive testimonials and the positive things you’ve been doing for your employees during hard times, you’ll be able to keep yourself top-of-mind as an employer of choice.  

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