5 Hiring Challenges and How To Overcome Them

If you are experiencing hiring challenges at your agriculture company, you are not alone. Here are some of the most common challenges hiring managers are facing today and tips to overcome them.

1.  You Aren’t Finding Qualified Candidates

Although unemployment remains high due to COVID-19, employers are still struggling to find qualified candidates for open roles. Reasons include increased unemployment benefits, fear of returning to work and the challenge of juggling work when children kept home from school.

You can overcome this challenge by posting salary rates if your company pays well, increasing your social media recruiting efforts, or partnering with a professional recruiter who can instantly expand your pool of potential candidates.

2.  Your Internal Team is Stretched Thin

Your internal HR team has a lot going on and if they don’t have time to devote to recruiting, your ability to attract, identify and hire top candidates will suffer.

You can remove the burden from your team by partnering with a professional recruiter. Specialized agriculture recruiters will handle time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, screening, and conducting reference checks. They’ll then present short-listed candidates to your team, so all they have to do is conduct the interviews required to make a final hiring decision.

3.  You’re Losing Talent Mid-Hiring Process

If you have noticed that your ideal candidates keep dropping out of your hiring process before completing it, you’re taking too long to hire. Did you know that those top candidates are only on the job market for an average of 10 days before being hired? A complex, long or disorganized process will cost your company candidates.

One of the best ways to speed up your hiring process without sacrificing quality is to partner with a professional agriculture staffing agency. Thanks to their experience, expertise, and vast network of candidates, recruiters will help you get talent up and running more quickly through an expedited hiring timeline.

4.  You Are Plagued With High Turnover

It is incredibly costly to be in a constant cycle of interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. Continuous turnover can also negatively affect your company culture by lowering morale among your existing staff.

Provide hires with a formal onboarding experience to set the right tone from day one. Also, you should provide employees with advancement and opportunities for professional development. Keep in mind that the key to employee retention is putting the right candidate in the right role the first time around.

5.  You’re Having a Hard Time Hiring for Culture Fit

A misaligned hire is a costly hire. It is important to hire people whose beliefs, behaviors, and personality traits align with your organizational values and workplace environment. But finding that fit can be difficult.

Behavioral interviews and thorough background checks are important for finding culture fit but working with a professional recruiter can instantly improve your hiring results. By getting to know your precise needs, they will keep cultural alignment in mind throughout the entire recruiting process.

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