How to Create SMART Goals for Your Team

It is vital for managers to set goals for employees, but if those goals are not useful or well-thought-out, they do nothing to help the employee improve. If the goals are too challenging or not challenging enough, it can negatively impact motivation and drive. It can be demotivating when goals are set unrealistically high and equally demotivating when the… Read more »

5 Hiring Challenges and How To Overcome Them

If you are experiencing hiring challenges at your agriculture company, you are not alone. Here are some of the most common challenges hiring managers are facing today and tips to overcome them. 1.  You Aren’t Finding Qualified Candidates Although unemployment remains high due to COVID-19, employers are still struggling to find qualified candidates for open… Read more »

Updating Your Onboarding Process

Did you know that an employee’s first day on the job can determine how long they stay with your company? A good onboarding process is extremely important for setting up a new employee for success and for boosting long-term retention.  A strong onboarding experience can lead to faster ramp-up, higher productivity and long-term job satisfaction, while a poor experience almost… Read more »

Should I Hire Someone Who Isn’t Qualified Enough?

Whether there is an excess of talent in the market or there is not enough to go around, there will always be hiring challenges in the agriculture sector.  Often, hiring managers find themselves wondering if they should hire someone who would be a good fit, but is a bit underqualified for the role. The answer will be unique… Read more »

How Filling Agricultural Job Vacancies With a Recruiter Can Save You Money

Great sales and marketing employees can be hard to find in the agriculture sector, but a single bad hire can eat into the bottom line. The longer you take to fill a vacant job and the more misaligned the new hire is, the more money you’ve wasted. The good news is you can save money… Read more »

Are Your Expectations Too High When Looking For Candidates?

Are you looking for a candidate with a long resume, but aren’t prepared to pay for one? This approach can and will cost your potentially terrific candidates. It’s easy to understand why you’d want to hire someone with a long list of achievements and years of experience, but savvy employers know that there are diamonds… Read more »

Why the Right Application Process Matters in Finding the Right Agricultural Candidates

Are you struggling to find sales and marketing talent for your agriculture business? You’re not alone. Many companies in the industry find it challenging to attract qualified, well–aligned candidates. But before you assume there isn’t enough talent in the market, it’s important to examine your hiring process – and that process begins with your online application. The wrong… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With an Agricultural Recruiter to Find Your Next Executive

Finding talent for critical roles in the agriculture sector can be a challenge, and the higher up the ladder that role, the more difficult it can be to find the right person. Executives must have more than just the right experience, they must also buy into the company’s mission vision and values. Finding just the… Read more »

Turn a Crisis into an Opportunity 

The pandemic of 2020 created an economic crisis that virtually no company was prepared for. And while this was a type of crisis that no one has ever lived through and (hopefully) never will again, there are myriad lessons to be learned. As we look towards the path to recovery, it’s time to start thinking about… Read more »

Too Good to be True? 5 Signs an Agricultural Job Candidate Might be Lying on Their Resume

A single bad hire can cost your company thousands of dollars. If a candidate lies on their resume, it can mean hiring someone who lacks the skills and experience to perform basic duties. While we always want to believe the best of people, many candidates do exaggerate or fabricate information. Here are 5 signs that… Read more »