Interviewing for a Cultural Fit

Hiring the right person for a role requires more than simply matching skills to the job. In order for employees to succeed and do their best work, they need to be aligned with the culture of the company. Use these strategies to determine whether a candidate is truly a cultural match for your organization. Values… Read more »

Helping Your Burned-Out Employees After the Holidays

The holidays are hectic, and many employees struggle with work-life balance as they struggle to meet both family obligations and professional obligations.  Unlike most other types of vacations, employees often do not return from the holidays refreshed – they return just as stressed. Here are some tips to help your burned-out employees get motivated after… Read more »

How To Motivate A Bored Team

In most cases, employees will not come to you and tell you when they are feeling bored and unmotivated at work. Rather than sounding negative or coming across as lazy, good employees who feel uninspired will press on until it becomes too much to bear, at which time they will begin looking for a new… Read more »

Overcoming a Tight Candidate Market

The overall unemployment rate in the US is around four percent, but when you isolate professional labor, unemployment is actually two percent for skilled talent. Finding impactful sales and marketing professionals for ag businesses in today’s market can feel impossible, but companies cannot afford to leave critical roles unfilled. Use these strategies to overcome the… Read more »

Are You Losing Great Candidates to Other Offers?

Going through the entire hiring process only to lose your ideal candidate to a competitor is a frustrating and expensive experience. Losing a candidate at the end can set you back weeks or even months if you have to start the process over from scratch. It happens to everyone now and then, but if your… Read more »

Are You Losing Top Talent to Your Competitors?

On television, top talent is usually offered the job at the end of the interview. And with little more than a handshake and a smile they are led down the hallway to meet with HR and find out where their office is. In real life, however, it never quite works that fast. In real life,… Read more »

Addressing Workplace Conflict Early

Sometimes it’s not what is said that causes workplace conflict, it’s what doesn’t get said. Too often, relatively simple-to-handle issues swell into larger, difficult-to-manage scenarios because they weren’t addressed early on. Regular, constructive, open communication is vital to workplace harmony. Tackle concerns from your team before they turn into larger issues. Don’t Take It Personally Every manager… Read more »

How to Sell an Opportunity to a Candidate

There is a sinking feeling that comes when you interview a truly exceptional candidate. If you know how great this person is, you can bet your competition does too. If you’re going to win them over to your side, you need to make a real attempt to sell the opportunity you have to offer. Here… Read more »