How to Focus on the Positive to Be Successful

In any workplace, negative attitudes can spread like wildfire. Once complaining starts, it can seem impossible to reel everyone back in and get them into a positive frame of mind. However, employees who have a positive attitude are more confident in their abilities and are more productive. If you’re ready to nip negativity in the… Read more »

How Can You Hire the Right Candidate?

The war for talent in today’s tight agriculture market is fierce. Companies need sales and marketing talent with specialized skills, but it is difficult to locate and recruit that talent. A niche recruiting partner in the ag industry can help bridge your talent gap by efficiently and accurately connecting you with the talent you need.… Read more »

Help Your Project Managers Adapt to Change Quickly

Remote sales project managers can be an invaluable resource when you have goals to hit and objectives to manage. However, if you don’t help those project managers adapt quickly to change, they might not be as effective as you had hoped. Use these strategies to get your remote sales reps up and running quickly and… Read more »

Retention Strategies for Your Team

Employee retention is always a high priority for your organization since the cost of a new hire can take time to recover. If you want to increase retention rates, make sure your employees feel they are valuable to the company and are motivated to participate in company activities. You want to make sure you are… Read more »

Ongoing Learning for Employees

Keeping employee retention rates high is easier when you have a team of engaged and enthusiastic employees. Implementing programs and activities that encourage employees to keep learning and expanding upon their skills is one way to retain your hard workers and also attract high-quality employees. Providing ongoing learning opportunities not only helps the employee grow… Read more »

How to Sell an Opportunity to a Candidate

There is a sinking feeling that comes when you interview a truly exceptional candidate. If you know how great this person is, you can bet your competition does too. If you’re going to win them over to your side, you need to make a real attempt to sell the opportunity you have to offer. Here… Read more »

Changing the Annual Review

There is growing consensus in the business community that the much-maligned annual review process simply doesn’t work. Too much time passes between reviews, leading to an incomplete and underwhelming critique of performance. This, ultimately, does a disservice to both the reviewer and the person being reviewed. Rather than fall back on last year’s strategy, consider… Read more »