Instilling Confidence in Your Team

You can assemble a highly skilled team of people, but skills alone will not guarantee success on the job. In order to be successful, people must feel confident in their abilities. Even a little bit of self-doubt can lead to poor performance. Confident employees are productive and are more like to engage in creative problem-solving… Read more »

Five Traits to Look for in Top Marketing Talent

If you’re hiring marketing professionals, you already recognize the value marketing brings to your organization. Like sales, marketing is a department that will generally pay for itself. But to realize that return on your investment, it’s critical you hire the right marketing professionals. Naturally, you want a candidate who is creative, persuasive and highly motivated.… Read more »

Retention Strategies for Your Team

Employee retention is always a high priority for your organization since the cost of a new hire can take time to recover. If you want to increase retention rates, make sure your employees feel they are valuable to the company and are motivated to participate in company activities. You want to make sure you are… Read more »

Changing the Annual Review

There is growing consensus in the business community that the much-maligned annual review process simply doesn’t work. Too much time passes between reviews, leading to an incomplete and underwhelming critique of performance. This, ultimately, does a disservice to both the reviewer and the person being reviewed. Rather than fall back on last year’s strategy, consider… Read more »