How to Write a Resume to Highlight Temporary Experience

If you’ve worked as a remote project manager, consultant or short-term subject matter expert, you’ve probably faced a classic conundrum. How do you organize your resume to keep it concise while ensuring hiring managers understand your experience? Use these strategies to write a resume that highlights your expertise and experience without extending into a novel-sized… Read more »

Implement These Tactics to Avoid Burnout on Your Workforce

Sales is a high-pressure field, which means burnout is always a risk. They have to constantly push to meet and exceed goals, and many never fully disconnect from their jobs, making themselves available to clients 24/7, wreaking havoc on work-life balance. It’s important to help your sales team avoid burnout, as it ultimately leads to… Read more »

How to Help Employees Work More Confidently

No matter how skilled an employee may be, if they lack confidence, they will not be effective at their jobs.  Employees who lack confidence will take longer to complete tasks, they will interrupt their co-workers and supervisors more often, and will hesitate to solve problems on their own. Conversely, confident employees are more productive, work… Read more »

Strategies to Make Consultants a Part of Your Team

Consultants can help you manage costs, close skill gaps, keep projects on track and keep your team productive. However, those benefits are only able to be realized if you take the necessary steps to make those consultants part of the team. Use these strategies to ensure a smooth transition for both the consultant and your… Read more »

Signs of Burnout to Watch For

Whether you’re in charge of leading a small or large team, make sure your workers are staying as productive as possible and aren’t putting themselves on the road to burnout. If you notice productivity is declining or many of your employees are calling in sick these days, it could be a sign of too much… Read more »

Tips for Managing a Team of Diverse Personalities

The vast majority of experts agree that a diverse workforce is stronger than a homogeneous workforce. When your teams are made up of professionals with different backgrounds, perspectives, and skill sets, it leads inevitably to innovation and creative problem solving. The only drawback is that diversity, by its very nature, creates a certain amount of… Read more »

Making the Most of Holiday Downtime

Seasonal slowdowns this time of year can be both a blessing and a curse. We are so focused on production that it can be difficult to take the time step back and re-evaluate. But while you have the time, why not make the most of it to plan for the coming year. Look back at… Read more »

Strategies for Effectively Onboarding New Hires

Finding the right candidate is just the first step in a long process. After you’ve made a selection, it’s your responsibility to introduce that new hire to your company, help them feel comfortable, and show them everything they need to know to start making an impact faster. This ongoing process is called onboarding, and it… Read more »