How to Keep Your Employees Focused During the Summer Months

Summer is known for pool time, cookouts, and beach vacations! This fun time of year can understandably make it difficult for employees to stay focused on their jobs, and productivity has a tendency to tank. What can you do to keep your employees focused and motivated during this time of year? Use these tips to help keep their focus!

Implement Summer Working Hours

Kids are out for the summer, and employees want more time to spend with them and enjoy the warm weather. If possible, adopt summer working hours. There are a couple of different options. You can shift the day so that employees start their day earlier but can also leave earlier. Another option is to work half a day on Fridays or implement four 10-hour workdays and give your team 3-day weekends.

Allow Remote Work

Promote a work-life balance. When possible, allow employees to work from home for at least part of the workweek if they choose to. This flexibility will make team members feel as if they are getting to spend more time at home with their families, eliminating their commute. You will be surprised at how productive employees can be from the comfort of their own homes. Remote work is beneficial for both companies and employees.

Set Short-Term Goals

Short-term projects seem much more attainable than long-term ones. Since most people take vacations during the summer and spend more time with their families hanging out at the lake, cooking out, etc., long-term projects can be highly stressful. Employees worry about missing important deadlines or falling behind while away. This type of stress can lower morale and decrease productivity. Instead, break projects up into short-term, attainable goals during this time of year.

Take Advantage of the Warm Weather

Bring summertime fun to the office by encouraging employees to work outside when they feel like it. You can host meetings and hold luncheons outside. Who says you can’t enjoy summer while you work!

Outside of Work Events

Socializing outside of work is a great way to build bonds and increase morale. Plan a cookout at a nearby park or a fun day on the river. Allow employees to invite their families.

Take the Next Step

Making the right hire is the first step in ensuring you can keep your employees focused throughout the fun summer months. Morris Bixby understands the unique needs of agriculture employers. Our specialists will take the time to understand your personnel needs and use our extensive database and large network to find the perfect candidates to fit your needs. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started!


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