The Key to Identifying Top Candidates When Interviewing

The success of your agricultural business depends mainly on your employees. They ensure operations run as smoothly as possible day after day. When filling a vacancy, knowing what to look for in candidates is beneficial. Hiring the best candidate improves your team’s and company’s performance. Bringing aboard the most effective candidate saves time and money… Read more »

High Attrition Rates? Planning for and Effectively Handling Turnover

High attrition rates are a lot more than just an annoyance. They are also a major liability for your company, and an indicator that your course is off. For those reasons you can’t afford to ignore high or climbing attrition rates. Use these tips to determine the causes and find the solutions. How to Plan… Read more »

What Does Turnover Cost Your Company?

Countless studies and surveys have been performed in an attempt to calculate the exact cost of employee turnover. But the simple fact is that the specific number is different for every employee lost and every company affected. What is clear, however, is that the negative consequences are high, and in many cases, more sweeping than… Read more »