How to Calculate New Hire ROI

Simple Changes to Help You Drastically Improve Your Daily Productivity

  Hiring an employee costs a significant amount of money. The salary and benefits, employment taxes, and time needed to onboard and train quickly add up. This is why knowing your return on investment (ROI) for hiring an employee is important. You must be able to clearly define what you want your new hire to… Read more »

3 Tips to Decide Between Your Final Two Candidates

Finishing your last round of interviews and having to choose between two applicants is a good problem to have. Of course, you need to determine which should receive a job offer. You also need to move quickly to increase your odds of having the candidate you want accept your offer. Use these three tips to… Read more »

Why Finding the Right Employees Can Save Your Company Money

If you aren’t focusing on finding the right employees, you should be! One of the most common ways that agriculture companies throw away money is by making bad hires. Bad hires tend not to stay long and do not add much if any, value to the company. Let’s take a look at why finding the… Read more »