What is Your Work Style?

During job interviews, hiring managers will likely ask you about your work style. No, they aren’t looking for a rundown of your office wardrobe. Rather, they are hoping to uncover clues that will help them discern your fitness for the role. Matching your work style to your employer is essential for your success. If your… Read more »

What Does Loyalty Mean to Your Workforce?

Every manager knows employee loyalty isn’t what it used to be just a few decades ago. The days of working for one company your entire career are long gone, and young people are hopping jobs as often as once every 15 months. Many employers are struggling to solve the loyalty puzzle; fortunately, there are ways… Read more »

Time Away? Try These Strategies to Re-Enter the Workforce Successfully

If you had to step out of the workforce for a while, re-entry can be overwhelming. Many people wonder if they are hirable after an absence, and they may fear they won’t be able to pick up their careers where they left off. The truth is, leaving the workforce is a common occurrence. Every day,… Read more »

Teamwork Skills to Look for in all Employees

Teamwork skills are critical success factors in today’s collaborative culture. Nobody works in a bubble, and when you’re hiring for open roles, it is important to identify candidates who have the ability to contribute effectively to a team. These are the teamwork skills you should look for in every employee, whether they are working full… Read more »

How Can a Staffing Partner Find Hidden Agriculture Industry Talent?

Does it ever feel like good agriculture industry talent is hard to find? You’re not alone. Lots of people in the ag business struggle to find great people. So, just where is the talent hiding? The answer: They are right under your nose. You just have to know who to partner with to find them.… Read more »

How Can You Turn Employees Into Rock-Star Talent?

A team of average players can achieve its goals. But only a team of rock stars can consistently knock it out of the park. If you’ve got a team of average players, or if high-performers seem to be slipping, there are ways that you, as a leader, can work to turn them into rock stars.… Read more »