How Much Can a Recruitment Firm Help You Save When Hiring?

Knowing What to Pay Employees Is Key in Today's Climate Morris Bixby

Are you aware of how much time and money working with a recruitment firm can help you save when hiring? If you have not yet worked with a firm, you may be surprised at the benefits. As a manager, you always are looking for cost-effective ways to manage your team. Therefore, you should try working… Read more »

Interviewing for a Cultural Fit

Hiring the right person for a role requires more than simply matching skills to the job. In order for employees to succeed and do their best work, they need to be aligned with the culture of the company. Use these strategies to determine whether a candidate is truly a cultural match for your organization. Values… Read more »

Top 3 Traits of a Successful Marketing Candidate

When interviewing marketing candidates, you will have a list of skills, experience and requirements that candidates must meet in order to be considered. But what about character and personality traits required for success? Those may differ based on your organizational culture, but every marketer should exhibit three important traits, no matter what the job function… Read more »

How to Boost Your Relationship With Your Professional Search Partner

An ag recruiting partner can be an invaluable resource for your business, helping you control costs, improve the quality of hires and ultimately, boost productivity and positive outcomes. However, in order to deliver on those promises, your search partner must get to know as much as they can about your unique business, its culture and… Read more »

Questions to Ask Project Management Talent

Sales project management is a unique niche, and it takes the right people with the right mix of skills and personal success attributes to ensure you achieve your goals. Therefore, the interview process for a sales project manager must hit all the right notes so you can be sure you’re making the best hiring choices… Read more »

How to Impress as a Project Manager

Working as a remote temporary sales pro is extremely rewarding. You have flexibility, you’re exposed to new businesses and new projects, and in many ways, you get to be in control of your own career. However, remote sales project managers must always be “on.” You don’t have the luxury of slacking off or becoming complacent… Read more »

How to Evaluate a Candidate’s Personality

In the current market, it’s hard enough to find temporary remote sales candidates who have the experience you’re looking for, let alone the personality traits required for success. However, personality plays a big role in sales success – especially for people who hold remote positions. As part of the hiring process, it’s important to evaluate… Read more »

How to Encourage Your Team to Improve Productivity

If you took a quick poll of your sales and marketing teams, most people would probably tell you that they are extremely busy. And it’s likely true. However, there is a difference between being busy and being productive, which often leads to a disconnect between management and the workforce. If you want your team to… Read more »

How to Think Like a Candidate

Today, the candidate experience matters more than ever before. First and foremost, a good experience tells candidates what they can expect from you if they accept an offer. A poor candidate experience signals a poor employee experience. If you offer a poor experience, candidates can review your company online on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor… Read more »

Interview Tips: Use Your Sales Tactics to Sell Yourself as the Right Candidate

Interviews are all about selling yourself. Therefore, it stands to reason you should use the sales tactics you’ve learned over the years to sell yourself as the right candidates for a sales role. After all, if you can’t sell yourself, how will you be able to sell the company’s products and services? Conduct Thorough Research… Read more »