How Much Can a Recruitment Firm Help You Save When Hiring?

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Are you aware of how much time and money working with a recruitment firm can help you save when hiring? If you have not yet worked with a firm, you may be surprised at the benefits.

As a manager, you always are looking for cost-effective ways to manage your team. Therefore, you should try working with a recruitment firm to see how much time and money frees up in your hiring process. Then, you could use these resources to benefit other areas of your company.

Learn how working with a recruitment firm can help you save time and money when hiring.

Hidden Candidate Market

The majority of employees are passive candidates. Because they enjoy their jobs, they are not actively looking for new ones. As a result, you likely lack access to these high performers.

Conversely, a recruitment firm has the tools and expertise to find both active and passive candidates. These candidates are willing to change jobs if the right opportunity comes along. Therefore, you can gain access to these skilled professionals and potentially have them work for you.

Time to Hire

Lacking adequate time to devote to hiring slows down the process. A slow hiring process encourages qualified candidates to find jobs elsewhere.

The costs of having an extended vacancy quickly add up. For instance, your employees may need to take on additional responsibilities and work overtime to ensure the tasks are completed. Consistently putting in longer hours can lead to lower-quality work, more employee absences, and higher burnout rates. Your employees might begin looking for jobs elsewhere, making it even harder to maintain productivity.

In contrast, working with a recruitment firm helps quickly fill your vacancies:

  • The firm’s experts use their experience and resources to source, screen, and interview candidates.
  • A few top candidates are selected to interview with you.
  • You offer a job to the candidate of your choice.
  • The recruiter negotiates the job offer on the candidate’s behalf.
  • The recruiter regularly follows up to ensure complete satisfaction with the placement.
  • If you are not fully satisfied, you can request a replacement at no cost.

Are You Ready to Begin Saving Time and Money When Hiring?

Partner with Morris Bixby Group to see how much time and money working with a recruitment firm can save you when hiring. Start the process today.


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