Should I Ask My Candidate For References?

Bad hires are costly for your organization in terms of money, time, resources and decreased team morale. One of the best ways to hedge against a bad hire comes in the form of a step that is often glossed over: reference checks. Many companies consider employment verification a reference check, but it’s important to collect strong… Read more »

Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient With This Audit

If you are struggling to attract quality candidates, don’t assume that the cause is a lack of talent in the market. An inefficient hiring process can actually cause talented people to abandon their application, costing you talent.  Before making any assumptions about the talent market, make your hiring process more efficient.  Start With Job Descriptions  A good job description… Read more »

Updating Your Onboarding Process

Did you know that an employee’s first day on the job can determine how long they stay with your company? A good onboarding process is extremely important for setting up a new employee for success and for boosting long-term retention.  A strong onboarding experience can lead to faster ramp-up, higher productivity and long-term job satisfaction, while a poor experience almost… Read more »

Spring Cleaning 101: 3 Things Every Employer Needs to Do in the Spring

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition in many homes. As days grow longer and the air gets warmer, people open up their doors and windows to let fresh air in and clean out all of the dirt and dust that has accumulated through the winter. Spring cleaning can also be applied to your agriculture business to brush away the… Read more »