Spring Cleaning 101: 3 Things Every Employer Needs to Do in the Spring

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition in many homes. As days grow longer and the air gets warmer, people open up their doors and windows to let fresh air in and clean out all of the dirt and dust that has accumulated through the winter. Spring cleaning can also be applied to your agriculture business to brush away the proverbial cobwebs, clean out messes and enter the warmer months with a fresh perspective.  

Update Job Descriptions  

People’s jobs and functions evolve over time, but it’s rare for employers to update job descriptions as roles change. When someone leaves the company, this means that job descriptions don’t accurately reflect the needs of the company.  

Have managers sit down with each employee and compare their job description to their actual duties and adjust those descriptions as-needed. That way you can mobilize quickly throughout the rest of the year if you need to hire someone new.  

Review Employee Classifications  

The rules and regulations around employee classifications keep getting stricter, and non-compliance could cost your company thousands of dollars in fines or even millions of dollars in lawsuits. This is a great time to review classifications with a legal advisor to make sure that every employee and contractor is listed correctly on your books and paid accordingly based on job title, classification and status. This review should also include overtime requirements and pay structures to ensure compliance there, as well.   

Review Your Hiring Process  

Is your hiring process too longIs the application process too complex? Are you seeing negative reviews on Glassdoor about your candidate process? Now is the time to examine your process for potential issues that could be costing you talent.  

Walk through your online application process as if you were applying for a job. See how long it takes, how complex it is and whether your company asks for private information upfront like SSN. These could all impact applicant interest. Then note how long it takes to review resumes and screen applicants and how long a typical hiring cycle takes. Where and how can you eliminate bottlenecks to provide a better candidate experience? Improving your hiring process can vastly improve your ability to attract top candidates.  

Looking For More Advice on Hiring and Recruiting?  

If you are looking for more advice on improving your recruiting tacticscontact  the agriculture recruiting experts at  Morris Bixby today.  



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