2020 Hiring Trends: How Will Social Media Impact Agricultural Recruiting?

Do you still think that using social media to recruit is a fad? If so, you’re probably missing out on great candidates. Social media is absolutely necessary to attract and build relationships with passive candidates, build your employer brand and find candidates who are a great cultural fit. It’s not too late to start using social media to find great sales and marketing talent in the agriculture sector.  

The Benefits of Social Media Recruiting in the Ag Sector 

Here are just some of the ways social media can positively impact your agriculture recruiting efforts:  

  • Connections with passive candidates: Social media is the least intrusive and most effective way to start building relationships with passive candidates, especially on LinkedIn.  
  • Assess passion: Passionate talent will post actively about their industry on their professional profiles, so you can get a feel for how engaged a candidate is in the field.  
  • Get a preview of their resume: On LinkedIn, it is possible to see a person’s entire work history and experience without actually asking for a resume.  
  • Weed out bad candidates early:  You can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to share online.  
  • Save recruiting costs: Social media is a completely free tool. 

How To Use Social Media Effectively in the Ag Sector 

Now that you understand why social media recruiting is beneficial, it’s important to learn how to do it effectively.  

Participate In Conversations  

LinkedIn Groups and social media hashtags are an effective way to start making connections with potential talent. Do not confuse the number of posts with quality, either. Posting low-value information all day will only annoy people. Adding value at a more measured pace is a much more effective approach.  

Promote Company Culture  

Potential candidates will investigate your social media profiles when thinking about applying or accepting an interview or offer so make sure to focus on building a strong brand. Show people working, highlight fun events, post video employee testimonials and other types of fun, culture-related content.  

Enlist Brand Advocates 

Your employees can act as influencers for your organization. Ask them to share culture-related social media posts and job openings whenever you put up new content. Also, identify high-performers who could act as brand ambassadors and encourage them to create posts about their positive experiences working for your organization.  

Be Responsive 

In today’s market, people expect a fast response – and that includes social media. Failing to respond quickly to a question, comment or discussion could cost you a potential candidate. It is important to monitor social accounts closely and participate in two-way conversations.  

Is Your Ag Business Looking To Hire?  

If you are looking for more information on recruiting trends in agriculture, or if you are looking to improve your hiring processes, contact the ag sector recruiting experts at Morris Bixby today. 



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