Overcoming a Tight Candidate Market

The overall unemployment rate in the US is around four percent, but when you isolate professional labor, unemployment is actually two percent for skilled talent. Finding impactful sales and marketing professionals for ag businesses in today’s market can feel impossible, but companies cannot afford to leave critical roles unfilled. Use these strategies to overcome the… Read more »

Implement These Tactics to Avoid Burnout on Your Workforce

Sales is a high-pressure field, which means burnout is always a risk. They have to constantly push to meet and exceed goals, and many never fully disconnect from their jobs, making themselves available to clients 24/7, wreaking havoc on work-life balance. It’s important to help your sales team avoid burnout, as it ultimately leads to… Read more »

Should Your Business Hire Project Management Professionals?

Sales and marketing are constantly evolving fields, and it can be challenging to find candidates who can help your agriculture business stay ahead of trends, hit targets and increase revenue. Savvy companies are overcoming their hiring challenges and accessing top talent by offering flexible work options like temporary assignments and project management roles. Why Professionals… Read more »

Is Perfectionism Destroying Your Hiring Process?

Every hiring manager has a vision of their “perfect” candidate. But some are unwilling to settle for anything less than perfection. If a candidate doesn’t check off every box on their wish list, that candidate is summarily rejected.  However, this type of approach is likely costing you great hires. It’s good to have high standards,… Read more »

Why You Should Hire for Adaptability 

Today’s corporate culture is dynamic, and the only real constant is change. Hiring for adaptability in the ag sector is critical in order to build a modern, agile team. Adaptability is important because company priorities and processes change on a dime in response to new demands or new pressures in the market. Effective employees are… Read more »

Expand Your Candidate Pool

It would be great if you woke up tomorrow to find qualified salespeople banging down your door to work for you, but that’s not the world we live in. Most hiring managers struggle to find the right people for ag sales roles. Fortunately, there is a way to expand your candidate pool and locate the… Read more »

How Can You Attract Millennial Project Managers?

Millennials have earned a reputation as “the job-hopping generation.” Gallup data indicates that 60 percent of millennials are open to new job opportunities, and more than 21 percent have changed jobs in the last year – three times more than non-millennial workers. So, is there anything you can do to attract millennial employees? Pay Attention… Read more »