Why is It Important to Do Reference Checks Before Making an Offer to a Candidate?

Companies should conduct reference checks on candidates to verify the accuracy of information provided, gain insights into the candidate’s past performance, work habits, personality, and make more informed hiring decisions.  It offers a glimpse into the candidate’s history and helps mitigate potential risks of a bad hire.  One of the benefits of working with us at Morris Bixby is that we offer the option of performing these reference checks for you if it’s your preference.

By working with us and allowing us to handle the reference checks it can provide a means for you as a company to gain insight into a candidate’s past performance by letting us contact previous employers or professional connections. These references can offer valuable information about the candidate’s work ethic, accomplishments, strengths, areas for improvement, and overall conduct in the workplace, helping us assess the candidate’s potential fit within your organization.

In performing reference checks, we can verify the accuracy of information provided by a candidate by contacting the listed references to confirm the details provided, such as job titles, dates of employment, responsibilities, and achievements. Cross-referencing this information with other available data, like employment records, certificates, or online professional profiles, can further ensure the accuracy of the candidate’s claims.

Morris Bixby can assist you in performing reference checks by leveraging our industry connections and experience. We often have established relationships with previous employers, which can facilitate easier access to reliable references and in-depth information about a candidate. We can conduct in-depth conversations with references, verify the candidate’s qualifications and experience, and provide a comprehensive report to your company, aiding in making more informed hiring decisions while saving you time.

When checking references to hire someone at your company, it’s crucial to:

  1. Ask specific, job-related questions: Inquire about the candidate’s performance, strengths, weaknesses, work habits, and accomplishments relevant to the role they’re being considered.
  2. Verify employment details: Confirm job titles, dates of employment, and responsibilities to ensure the information aligns with what the candidate provided.
  3. Listen actively and critically: Pay attention to the tone, hesitation, or enthusiasm in the reference’s responses, and read between the lines to understand the context of the feedback.
  4. Document and analyze feedback: Compile detailed notes from reference conversations and analyze the information to assess the candidate’s suitability for the role.
  5. Consider the overall context: Evaluate the feedback in the broader context of the candidate’s application, interviews, and skills to make a well-rounded hiring decision.

Additionally, involving current employees in the hiring process and ensuring alignment with the company’s culture and values can help reduce the risk of a mismatch between the candidate and the company. Hiring someone new to your company is important and involves all these considerations. Let us help you!

Reference checks are an important start to help know who you are hiring. Morris Bixby Group can help you.  Learn more today!



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