How to Show Appreciation for Your Employees this Holiday Season 

To say this has been a hard year for everyone would be an understatement. Your team has been through a lot, so this year-end holiday season, show your employees how much you appreciate everything they have done for you through challenging times.  

Don’t Be A Scrooge With PTO 

Everyone wants time off around the holidays and every now and then, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to turn someone down. However, don’t be miserly with PTO requests. Get creative to give people the break they want and deserve.  

Consider offering incentives to employees who work over the holidays or those who provide coverage for someone who wants to take a day or two off. Everyone who volunteers gets an extra halfday off in the New Year, and if they follow through and provide coverage, give them a full day for each day they covered a coworker over the holidays 

Do The Unexpected  

Your team has been working hard all year long, so give them a surprise during the holiday season. Pick a day that feels a little bit slow (preferably a Friday) and let them all clock out or log out a few hours early to tackle their personal holiday errands or spend a little extra time with their families.  

Have A Responsible Party  

If your team is working on-site, plan a little socially-distant get together after work to celebrate the holidays. If your team is working remotely, host a zoom happy hour, or if the weather permits, get together outside or even indoors if your team is small enough to meet guidelines for indoor gatherings.   

Remember, if you get together in person, don’t hold it against anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable joining in. During these times, be flexible with people who wish to remain cautious or who may be vulnerable.  

Give Gifts And Say Thank You  

Budgets are tight right now but try to ensure that everyone on your team gets a gift from you. You don’t have to break the bank. Small gift cards are always appreciated, or you can think outside the box and do something like give everyone an extra half-day off in the New Year. 

Whatever you decide to give, take the time to handwrite a holiday card with your gift. Personalize each message, thanking the employee for something specific they did throughout the year.  This will remind your team that you’ve been paying attention and you truly do appreciate the work they have done this year.  

Are You Ready To Build A Great Team To Tackle The New Year 

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