How Might You Check In with Your Workforce to Measure Internal Team Morale and Stress?

Team morale is the enthusiasm, excitement, and optimism your team members have about their work and each other. Team morale determines how well tasks are completed, whether the tasks are on time, and how high the quality of the work is. Measurement of team morale can serve as a basis to estimate your team members’… Read more »

Three Ways to Communicate with Your Team This Quarter to Forecast 2022 Personal Goals

Working with your team members on their personal goals for Q2 this year is important. You need to let your team know what they should be focused on and how their goals fit with the strategic business plan. You also must help develop the timelines to reach the objectives and explain how success will be… Read more »

Three Reasons Your Employees Need a 30-60-90 Day Plan

Think of a 30-60-90 day plan as a road map for success. These detailed documents outline goals and benchmarks for a new hire to meet during the first three months of employment. Traditionally, these documents have been created solely by the employee and used as a tool to impress hiring managers. However, it is worth… Read more »