Can You Prevent Candidates from Ghosting You?

Candidate ghosting involves a candidate stopping communication with an employer during the hiring process. The candidate disappears without an explanation or reason why they no longer are interested in the position.

Candidate ghosting continues to become a regular practice during The Great Resignation. Candidates have a significant number of opportunities to choose from. Therefore, many candidates focus on their top choices for employment and ignore the other roles they applied for.

Many candidates ghost employers because many employers previously ghosted candidates. As a result, many candidates believe employers do not care about them. This provides motivation for many candidates not to follow through when contacted or scheduled for an interview.

Morris Bixby Group cannot guarantee that candidates will stop ghosting you. However, we can provide suggestions to reduce the amount of ghosting you experience.

Implement these tips to discourage candidates from ghosting you.

Write Engaging Job Postings

Begin your job postings by describing your company culture, benefits, and perks. Include information about your leadership team and employees. Then, list the job duties and responsibilities and other relevant information.

Sharing your culture and other connection-based details promotes a sense of belonging. This shows your organization prioritizes its employees.

Candidates are likely to apply for roles at companies where they feel employees are valued and respected. This encourages candidates to show up for interviews. It also reduces ghosting for your organization.

Consider Candidates to Be Business Leads

CareerPlug’s 2022 Recruiting Metrics Report shows that employers take an average of 8 days to first contact candidates. Most candidates who have to wait this long to hear from an employer move on to other opportunities.

If you are taking too long to contact candidates, change your mindset from candidates as job seekers to candidates as business leads. Obviously, you would not let business leads wait 8 days to be contacted. Therefore, you should not let candidates wait long to be contacted.

Quickly responding to candidates helps them move faster through the hiring process. This increases your odds of adding high-quality members to your team. It also reduces the number of candidates who ghost you.

Prioritize Regular Communication

Keep in touch with each candidate during every step of the hiring process. Include where the candidate is at, what the next step is, and how to prepare. Also, answer candidate questions as they come up.

Regularly communicating with each candidate throughout the hiring process helps keep them engaged. This encourages candidates to stay involved in the process.

Keeping candidates active in the hiring process increases the odds of hiring top talent. It also reduces the amount of ghosting you experience.

Need Help Reducing Candidate Ghosting?

Morris Bixby Group can provide you with agricultural candidates who remain engaged in the hiring process and beyond. Learn more today.


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