Knowing When You Find Candidates Who Are “The Right Fit”

Finding agriculture candidates who fit your business needs is challenging. The process takes a significant amount of time to establish connections with the best talent.

This is why having a hiring plan is so important. Knowing what you’re looking for helps you reach your goal. You can accomplish this objective in a few steps.

Follow these guidelines to find agriculture candidates who fit your business.

Review Relevant Resumes

Maintain a positive outlook when skimming resumes.

  • Focus on the skills, experience, and qualities you’re looking for.
  • Begin reading the last job listed to determine the candidate’s career path, skill development, and professional growth.
  • Pay attention to how long a candidate held each job.
  • A candidate’s skills, experience, and qualities may be more important than their resume errors if the job doesn’t require a lot of writing.
  • A candidate from outside the industry may have transferrable skills and knowledge that make them a great fit for the job.

Check References

Gain insight into a candidate’s work ethic by talking with their former coworkers and employers.

  • When calling a reference, let them know who you are, which company you represent, and why you’re calling.
  • Keep the conversation short and specific to what you want to know.
  • Ask about how the candidate handled feedback and worked on a team.
  • Find out about the candidate’s performance, weaknesses, and reason for leaving.
  • Keep in mind that references may prefer to keep information about a former employee confidential.

Conduct Interviews With A Team Member

Schedule a phone or video interview with your top candidates. As an added tip, bring on a company team member for an extra set of eyes and ears.

  • Pay attention to each candidate’s communication, presentation, and charisma.
  • Write down the questions to ask all of the candidates for proper evaluation.
  • Minimize your note-taking.
  • Wait until all candidates have been interviewed to let the top ones know what the next step is.

Schedule Pre-Employment Skills Testing

Learn how candidates handle scenarios they may encounter on the job.

  • Outline whether communication, organization, technical, or other skills are most important for the job.
  • Decide whether a personality, psychometric, job knowledge, situational judgment, general mental ability, or integrity test would best reach your goal.
  • Remember that technical skills can be learned on the job.

Partner with an Agriculture Recruitment Agency

Find qualified agriculture candidates with help from a dedicated team.

  • An agriculture recruiter has a deep understanding of the industry and the people who work in it.
  • A recruiter has the skills to find and develop relationships with candidates.
  • A high-touch, whole-team approach is most effective for providing employers with industry-leading talent.

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