Are You Making the Most of Your Staffing Partnership?

The key word in “staffing partnership” is “partnership.” If you want to be sure your staffing agency is providing a return on investment, you have to see your recruiters as more than just people who take orders. To reap the business benefits of quickly sourcing subject matter experts who add value to your projects, you must treat the relationship as a true partnership.

The Right Partner Matters

Niche firms that have experience in your industry are always preferable to staffing generalists. Recruiters that work solely in your industry understand the market and your challenges and have a pipeline of talent that works in your field. Niche expertise is critical for helping to make the process more efficient and more effective.

Get in the Habit of Providing Lots of Details

Too much information is never a bad thing when it comes to building a strong staffing partnership. Recruiters need to know and understand your business, the challenges you’re facing, your goals, your long-term objectives and they need to know as much about specific projects as possible. Talk through every position in detail, and don’t be afraid you’re ever giving the recruiter too much information.

Be Generous With Feedback

Recruiters can’t be expected to know how a project management placement is working out if you don’t tell them. Many times, supervisors wait until a project is wrapped before expressing discontent with the project manager. Early and ongoing feedback is critical to building a strong staffing partnership. Feedback lets recruiters know what’s working and what isn’t, so they don’t make the same mistake twice.

It’s not always the recruiter’s “fault” a project manager didn’t work out. It can sometimes come to light once a PM is working that maybe the job description was outdated or there were some communication gaps in the early process. If the recruiter has feedback on how you can improve for future placements, listen and accept that feedback generously.

Trust Their Knowledge

If you’ve chosen a niche recruiting partner that understands your market and has a proven track record of success, be willing to trust their recommendations. There will be times when your ideal candidate isn’t available, when your compensation isn’t enough to attract the person you want or when a specific skill might be lacking in the employee market. In cases like this, the recruiter will provide you with alternate candidates and solutions to help you overcome the challenge. Listen to those suggestions and trust they can help you achieve your goals, even in the face of challenges.

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