The Consequences of a Bad Hire

Hiring a new employee is a relief. After spending weeks (or even months) advertising your job, evaluating resumes, conducting interviews, checking references, and making a final decision, you’ve found your ideal candidate, and they accepted your offer. However, there will be times when it starts to become abundantly clear that the new employee isn’t who you thought they were. Whether their work is subpar, their attitude is poor, or they up and quit after a few weeks, bad hires have consequences that can be felt across the team and even the entire company.

Bad Hires Impact Productivity

When a bad hire cannot do their job effectively, you’re losing productivity. Not just for that role, but also for the lost people-hours you spent training that person, to begin with. Furthermore, when a new employee struggles, other team members must also step in and pick up their slack, which limits their productivity, creating ripple effects across the team.

Bad Hires Damage Morale

No one likes picking up the slack for someone who isn’t trying or doesn’t care. The longer your veteran team members must pull double duty to cover a bad hire, the worse morale will be. Negativity can spread like wildfire, and it won’t take long for the morale of the entire team to sink.

Bad Hires Lead to Re-Recruiting Costs

Hiring new employees is costly – the average cost-to-hire an entry-level employee is $3,300. Those costs only increase the higher up the ladder you go or, the more specialized the role. If a bad hire quits or must be let go, the money spent on that person was a waste. Those costs double once you begin the process of hiring a replacement.

Hire Well, the First Time

Bad hires can damage your business in several ways, and it can take months to boost morale and get productivity back in line. The longer you let a bad hire drag your team down, the worse the consequences will be. Every day that bad hire comes to work, they cost money and stir negativity. If resentment builds, you could end up losing high-performing employees

Partnering with an expert recruiting firm can help you avoid the consequences of making a bad hire. Their processes can ensure you’re attracting the right applicants, hiring people with the right skills and personality to succeed. Using their experience and industry expertise, a specialized recruiter can ensure you’re only interviewing people who will be worth your time – and your money.

Ready to Reduce the Likelihood of a Bad Hire?

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