Why Should I Work With a Recruiter to Find Top Talent?

It can be a real struggle to find great candidates in today’s market. It’s easy to assume the problem is a lack of talent, companies across the country hire great people every day. If your current recruiting tactics are not yielding positive results, it’s time to consider partnering with a recruiter. The right recruiting partner can generate measurable ROI by reducing the costs of unfilled jobs, bad hires and misaligned talent. That ROI can be a game-changer for your business.  

Recruiters Give You Access To Hidden Talent Pools  

Many highly-skilled, talented people only look for jobs through recruiters because those recruiters save them time and guarantee a confidential job search. Those people are typically employed and not actively looking, but know that their recruiter will call them if a great opportunity opens up. Conducting your own searches means missing out on these passive candidates who are not actively scouring job boards every day.  

Recruiters Save You Time 

How much time does your team spend writing job descriptions, posting them, fielding applications, evaluating applications, scheduling phone screens, scheduling and conducting interviews, ranking candidates, etc.? It can take anywhere from 40 hours to 100 hours or more to recruit for one position and there are no guarantees you’ll find the right candidate or that your new hire will succeed. Recruiters take all of that legwork off your team, presenting only the most qualified candidates worth your time to interview. They can also typically deliver qualified, aligned candidates within a few days, depending on the role.  

Recruiters Can Improve The Candidate Experience  

Have you ever lost a great candidate right before or during the offer stage? The problem is likely your candidate experience. Perhaps you were uncommunicative, you took too long to decide or the candidate felt like they were not valued. Today, candidate experience matters. If you move too slowly, if you are unresponsive, or if your offer doesn’t align with a candidate’s expectations, they will move on.  

Recruiters provide a swift hiring experience because they do not have other priorities pulling them away from their timeline. They build relationships with talent and keep in contact with them, they present salary and expectations up front, and keep them informed at every stage so they remain interested and engaged.  

Are You Ready To Partner With A Recruiter to Find Top Talent?  

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