Why Now is the Perfect Time to Look for Candidates

Now is a great time to look for candidates and start building your talent pool. This is true whether your company is currently hiring for open roles or not. No matter what your company’s market position is today, building a talent pool will help you streamline hiring to remain competitive tomorrow.  

What Is a Talent Pool?  

A talent pool is a database of individuals who are not eligible for current job openings but have the potential to be a match for future openings. These are typically passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job but who are open to new opportunities, or they may be active job seekers who weren’t a fit for one opening but could work well for another.  

Why Build a Talent Pool?  

A talent pool helps your company become much more efficient and effective at recruiting and because it means you are being proactive rather than reactive. By having conversations with passive candidates and pre-vetting them for roles and by keeping in touch with qualified candidates, you may have rejected for other roles, you will save yourself significant time in the hiring process.  

Having a talent pool means you don’t have to start from scratch every single time you have an opening. Not every opening will have a match in your talent pool but if you continually work to attract and stay engaged with passive candidates, you will increase the odds that you can quickly access the right person when you need them.  

Tips For Building a Talent Pool  

You can begin to build your talent pool by: 

  • Keeping in touch with previous applicants: Do keep resumes on file of candidates who almost made the cut for previous openings and keep in touch with them so that they remain interested in your organization despite being rejected.  
  • Staying connected to previous interns: You might not have an opening for a terrific intern the minute they graduate, but keep them in your talent pool and reach out if and when something does come up.  
  • Staying connected to previous contractors or part-timers: If you leverage contractors for special projects or if you use part-time employees, consider them part of your talent pool. They could be willing to make the switch to full-time for the right offer.  
  • Nurturing your internal talent pool: Don’t forget you have talented people working for you who are interested in taking on new challenges. Internal recruitment can save you time and money. 

Are You Ready To Build Your Talent Pool?  

Building a talent pool can take time and resources. By partnering with an expert recruiting firm, you can instantly tap into their talent pool to streamline your hiring process. 

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