5 Reasons Why You Should Work With an Agricultural Recruiter to Find Your Next Executive

Finding talent for critical roles in the agriculture sector can be a challenge, and the higher up the ladder that role, the more difficult it can be to find the right person. Executives must have more than just the right experience, they must also buy into the company’s mission vision and values. Finding just the right person can take a lot of time and resources that aren’t readily available. Here are five reasons why you should work with an agriculture recruiter to find your next executive.


It’s wise to work with an agriculture recruiter for any level of position, but it is especially important for executive-level searches. Ag recruiters understand the market and the nuances of the business – nuances that generalists do not. They have connections in the industry and know where to find talent with the proper experience leading in the agriculture sector.


There are a lot of reasons why an executive search may need to be kept confidential. Whether the person being replaced is unaware of an impending change, the company needs to keep the search hidden from competitors or some other reason, an agriculture recruiter understands the sensitivity of recruiting for confidential roles and will maintain discretion throughout the search.

Recruiters Help Control Costs

It can cost as much as double an executive’s annual salary to replace them, which means the wrong hiring decision at the leadership level is extremely costly. Agriculture recruiters can ensure that the money you spend on a search yields an executive who will add value and generate ROI.

Recruiters Can Help You Achieve Diversity

Diversity in the workplace yields more creative and more effective teams. Diversity among leadership teams helps generate higher profits. According to a comprehensive diversity report published by McKinsey:

  • For every 10% increase in diversity on an executive team, an organization’s earnings before interest and taxes increase by 1%.
  • Companies that score in the top 25% of racial and ethnic diversity and the top 25% for gender diversity enjoy higher-than-average returns for their industry.
  • Companies in the bottom 25% for gender and ethnic diversity lag behind their competitors and are less likely to achieve above-average returns.

Sustained Impact

Agriculture executive recruiters focus on top talent and judge success not only on whether they place a candidate but also on the length of time they spend in the role and their overall effectiveness. Top ag search firms understand the qualities needed to fill C-suite roles and other key leadership roles. They don’t just look to fill a position, they look for leaders with staying power who will make a long-term impact.

Are You Ready To Partner With A Recruiter To Find Top Executive Ag Talent?

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