What Smart Farming is Doing to the Agricultural Industry

The world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, which means global agricultural production must increase by nearly 70% to meet that demand. The agriculture industry is turning to smart farming to achieve necessary targets, leaning on the Internet of Things for functions like data collection, analytics and expanded production. 

High Tech Farming Trends 

Technology in farming is nothing new. For years, farmers have been using things like weather data to predict weather patterns and devices to obtain topography and resource maps as well as to monitor soil conditions. As we move forward, these technologies will continue to advance.  

In recent years, farmers have begun using drones to survey their land and smartphone technology to monitor equipment, crops and livestock and to obtain production and livestock feeding data. Tractor companies like John Deere have been connecting tractors to the internet to display data for farmers regarding their crop yields, and they are working to develop self-driving tractors to free up farmers to increase efficiency.  

The Future of Farming 

Farmers will be leaning on big data more than ever before in the coming years.  It is predicted that the average farm can generate half a million data points per day when sensors and equipment are connected to the internet, allowing farmers to improve yields and increase profits like never before.  

Soil sensors will have the ability to collect even more data, sound early warnings about potential imbalances, to detect disease or pest infestations, and more. Weather data is increasingly becoming hyperlocal, allowing farmers to optimize water usage like never before.   

Drones will also be used for much more than just monitoring fields. They can be used to spray crops at a rate 50% faster than doing so by hand and without exposing humans to potentially harmful chemicals. This can save time and money and allow farmers to deliver food, fertilizer and other necessary substances to crops as soon as trouble is detected.  

Is Your Agriculture Business Ready For Smart Farming 

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