How to Recognize and Reward Top Performers

All employees are not created equal. Some team members perform subpar, others are average, and then you have those that stand out! These are your stars. They go over and beyond on every task, and it shows. They deserve to be recognized and rewarded. Let’s take a look at unique ways to reward outstanding employees and boost overall performance.

Fun Goody Bag

Fill a gift bag (or a box) full of items the employee really wants. Instead of a generic goody box, customize this reward to the recipient. For instance, if they like to go camping, include camping gear such as a utility knife, lantern, etc. Other fun ideas include:

  • Favorite snacks
  • Magazines
  • Word puzzles
  • Books

The point is that the employee will appreciate that you took the time to specifically tailor the goods in the gift bag to their likes and hobbies.

Tickets to Events

Reward stellar employees with tickets to their favorite events. Whether it be a game, concert, or exhibit, it will be meaningful to present them with vouchers for something they are passionate about.

Gift Card to Dinner

Who would say no to a nice dinner on the boss? No one! Snoop around and find out what the employee’s favorite restaurant is and buy a gift card that will cover dinner for their family. This is a reward that never goes out of style.

Paid Time Off

Nothing says thank you, like a little paid time off. Give deserving team members an extra long weekend or x number of hours of paid leave to take at their choosing.

New Office Equipment

Let’s face it. Those who work the hardest deserve equipment upgrades first. Show your appreciation for a job well done with new computers, chairs, desks, etc.

Meal Delivery

Take the stress off one of your exceptional staff members for a week. Arrange for meal delivery for one week from their preferred vendor. Customize the order to their likes and take into account any allergies. Furthermore, be sure to pick a week when they will be in town. You do not want to accidentally schedule the service for a vacation week. Unless you know the recipient very well, this is a reward you may need to consult with them on before actually placing the order.

Continuing Education

Your best employees are worth investing in. Offer to pay for x percentage of the cost of furthering their education. This is not only a reward that will help employees better themselves, but your company will also reap the rewards.

Make the Right Hires from the Start

Recognizing and appropriately rewarding outstanding employees who go over and beyond in the workplace is crucial to keeping morale and productivity up. Rewards are even more effective when you make smart hires from the start.

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