Are Your Expectations Too High When Looking For Candidates?

Are you looking for a candidate with a long resume, but aren’t prepared to pay for one? This approach can and will cost your potentially terrific candidates. It’s easy to understand why you’d want to hire someone with a long list of achievements and years of experience, but savvy employers know that there are diamonds in the rough who can be properly trained and molded into great employees without the hefty price tag.

When good candidates are hard to find or your budget is tight, it could pay dividends to relax your expectations and focus on hiring enthusiastic, trainable people for open jobs.

People With Less Experience Have Fewer Bad Habits

The downside of hiring someone who has been doing a specific job for a long time is engrained bad habits. People new to the industry and people with fewer years of experience tend to be more trainable in your methods, approaches and processes.

The upside to hiring a recent grad, for example, is you won’t ever hear, “we didn’t do it that way at my last job.” When you don’t have to fix bad habits or help someone unlearn different methods, it will save time and that employees will reach peak productivity much faster.

Skills Are A Dime a Dozen But Passion Is Unique

Enthusiasm is something you cannot teach – especially to someone who is seasoned and jaded. If you find an applicant that seems well-aligned for your team but might not have every skill, it might be worthwhile to allow them to learn on the job. Someone who wants to dive in and prove themselves can be a long-term asset over someone who simply wants to collect a paycheck.

A Tech-Savvy Team Member Can Raise The Tide

If you open yourself up to a younger applicant with fewer years of experience, you are hiring someone with a natural aptitude for technology. Young people today grew up with computers and mobile devices and have a serious knack quickly picking up new technology. This means it doesn’t take as long to train them on systems, it also means they can assist other workers who may be struggling, and they can be your change ambassadors when new systems are implemented.

When You’re Too Rigid, You Lose Great Talent

If you expect champagne candidates on a beer budget, you’ll always struggle to find talent. However, if you adjust your expectations and look at less experienced candidates’ strengths, you can build a team of top performers. It might be rocky at first, but if you invest in these enthusiastic and eager employees, you’ll be pleased with the long-term results.

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