How Can You Attract Millennial Project Managers?

Millennials have earned a reputation as “the job-hopping generation.” Gallup data indicates that 60 percent of millennials are open to new job opportunities, and more than 21 percent have changed jobs in the last year – three times more than non-millennial workers. So, is there anything you can do to attract millennial employees?

Pay Attention to What Millennials Want

Less than 30 percent of millennials are engaged at work, according to Gallup. It is this lack of engagement that leads many millennials to seek out new jobs more often than other generations. Unlike older workers, millennials are less apt to accept boredom and complacency on the job. They will simply move on when they no longer feel connected to their work, rather than toughing it out.

Employers who want to keep young talent must understand that millennials want growth opportunity, flexibility, and the chance to make real contributions to the organization. Project management opportunities are a great way to engage this generation. By offering temporary assignments that provide the highest ROI for the company and the project manager, millennials can feel engaged and challenged. The more closely you can match a candidate based on expectations, the better chance you have of retaining talent for the duration of a project management assignment.

Help Them Achieve Work-Life Balance

Millennials value work-life balance more than any previous generation which means they are looking for benefits like flexible work schedules and remote work opportunities. Millennials grew up with the internet and they have come to understand work can happen at any time, from any place, as long as there is Wi-Fi. Therefore, offering project management opportunities with some degree of flexibility can help you attract and retain millennial talent in project management roles.

Offer Feedback and Growth Opportunities

Millennials thrive on feedback. Some people think they are just fishing for praise – after all, this is the participation trophy generation – but really, they want to gauge how they are doing so they can adjust their approach. Millennials want to make real contributions and they know that by asking for feedback, they can find the right formula to make those contributions. Constructive criticism and praise allow project managers to ensure they are making the most of their time as a project manager.

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