Should I Hire Someone Who Isn’t Qualified Enough?

Whether there is an excess of talent in the market or there is not enough to go around, there will always be hiring challenges in the agriculture sector.  Often, hiring managers find themselves wondering if they should hire someone who would be a good fit, but is a bit underqualified for the role. The answer will be unique to every situation, but there can be an upside to considering candidates who might not check off every box on your wish list.  

Skills Can Be Taught 

Hiring managers can sometimes believe there is a lack of talent in the market because they create such a long list of must-haves that no one can possibly meet them all. Being too rigid with your non-negotiable skills will significantly limit your options. It’s much more essential to find someone trainable who can learn the few skills they may lack than it is to hire an expert in everything. Decide early on which skills are truly non-negotiable and which skills actually fall into the “nice to have” category.  

Passion Cannot Be Taught 

While skills can be taught and learning can be supported, you cannot teach someone to be enthusiastic about their field. The agriculture sector can be stressful, so if you find someone who is truly passionate about the industry but lacks skill or year or two of experience, don’t immediately reject them. Passionate people tend to work harder and are more open to new ideas than apathetic people.

Years Of Experience Shouldn’t Be Discounted 

Required years of experience is another area where hiring managers can be too rigid and thus lose out on potentially great employees. Say, for example, you require 10 years of experience for a senior sales role. A rock-star candidate applies who matches the vast majority of your requirements but has only eight years of experience. Don’t eliminate such a person without talking to them and getting a good feel for their experience and success. You could miss out on your ideal candidate if you hold too tightly to experience requirements.  

Adaptability Is Powerful 

No project ever goes off without a hitch. There are potential roadblocks at nearly every turn. Budgets often change. Requirements and scope shiftPeople who are unable to adjust quickly to changes can have a negative impact on an entire team. Hiring someone who might be slightly underqualified but who is flexible and adaptable can be a great addition to the team over the long-term.  

Are You Building Your Sales and Marketing Teams?  

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