How Filling Agricultural Job Vacancies With a Recruiter Can Save You Money

Great sales and marketing employees can be hard to find in the agriculture sector, but a single bad hire can eat into the bottom line. The longer you take to fill a vacant job and the more misaligned the new hire is, the more money you’ve wasted. The good news is you can save money while improving new hires’ quality by working with an expert agriculture recruiter.

A Recruiter Can Help You Build Better Job Descriptions

Attracting qualified candidates begins with writing effective job descriptions. Even if you have a great ATS platform, you can waste hours reviewing resumes from unqualified applicants if your job description isn’t crafted strategically. A recruiting partner will work to understand your precise needs and requirements and craft job descriptions that will attract candidates’ right caliber.

Recruiters Streamline Your Hiring Process

A hiring process that is slow, complex, disjointed and suffers from poor communication will cost you, high-quality candidates. Recruiting firms move quickly because they solely focus on filing your roles and aren’t pulled in multiple directions like your internal team so often is. Recruiters keep in touch with their candidates throughout the process and ensure that the experience is efficient and pleasant and engaging. This helps keep candidates interested while saving time.

Recruiters Have Relationships With Passive Candidates

The best candidates are often employed and are not actively seeking new opportunities. Building relationships with passive candidates is challenging for in-house HR teams as passive recruiting takes a great deal of time and is often not a priority for leaders. However, recruiters are continually building and nurturing relationships with talented passive candidates and can connect you quickly to these A-level performers.

Recruiters Have Referral Programs

Who knows top talent? Your best employees. Developing an employee referral program is important because referred employees are more productive, ramp up faster and stay with a company longer than new employees who were not referred. However, building that referral program takes time and resources. When you work with a recruiter, they typically have a strong referral network already built-in, immediately deepening your candidate pool.

Recruiters Give You Back Your Most Precious Resource

In sales and marketing, time is money. And an expert recruiter saves you significant time and money by handling the screening, sourcing and initial evaluation of candidates. They typically only send you their top choices, so you are only interviewing people who are well-aligned for the role. The entire process saves you time and money while improving your new hires’ quality and reducing the chances of making an expensive bad hire.

Ready To Save Money On Your Recruiting Costs?

If you are looking for A-level sales and marketing talent for your agriculture business, contact the expert recruiters at Morris Bixby today. Our process is designed to deliver accurate matches quickly and cost-effectively.


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