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Teach Employees the Importance of Relationship Nurturing

Thanks to technology, your customers and clients can conduct extensive research about products long before they enter your formal sales process. Savvy companies leverage automation, technology and digital content to help move prospects through this non-personal phase. However, when it comes time to purchase, people want to do business with salespeople they genuinely like and… Read more »

How to Encourage Your Team to Improve Productivity

If you took a quick poll of your sales and marketing teams, most people would probably tell you that they are extremely busy. And it’s likely true. However, there is a difference between being busy and being productive, which often leads to a disconnect between management and the workforce. If you want your team to… Read more »

How to Think Like a Candidate

Today, the candidate experience matters more than ever before. First and foremost, a good experience tells candidates what they can expect from you if they accept an offer. A poor candidate experience signals a poor employee experience. If you offer a poor experience, candidates can review your company online on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor… Read more »

How Can Your Team Achieve More?

Every leader wants their team to be more productive, but simply demanding higher output and greater focus won’t get you very far. To get a handle on how your team should spend their time in order to achieve more, you must outline specific goals. Goals allow you to decide what “productivity” really looks like and… Read more »

Interview Tips: Use Your Sales Tactics to Sell Yourself as the Right Candidate

Interviews are all about selling yourself. Therefore, it stands to reason you should use the sales tactics you’ve learned over the years to sell yourself as the right candidates for a sales role. After all, if you can’t sell yourself, how will you be able to sell the company’s products and services? Conduct Thorough Research… Read more »

Tips for Sharing Effective Feedback With Candidates

At first thought, it might seem like providing feedback to a job candidate is unnecessary. You’ve made your hiring decision and it’s time to move on, right?  However, candidate experience is an important piece of your employer brand. Providing feedback shows you are willing to go the extra mile as an employer, and candidates will… Read more »

Should Your Business Hire Project Management Professionals?

Sales and marketing are constantly evolving fields, and it can be challenging to find candidates who can help your agriculture business stay ahead of trends, hit targets and increase revenue. Savvy companies are overcoming their hiring challenges and accessing top talent by offering flexible work options like temporary assignments and project management roles. Why Professionals… Read more »

What is Your Work Style?

During job interviews, hiring managers will likely ask you about your work style. No, they aren’t looking for a rundown of your office wardrobe. Rather, they are hoping to uncover clues that will help them discern your fitness for the role. Matching your work style to your employer is essential for your success. If your… Read more »

What Does Loyalty Mean to Your Workforce?

Every manager knows employee loyalty isn’t what it used to be just a few decades ago. The days of working for one company your entire career are long gone, and young people are hopping jobs as often as once every 15 months. Many employers are struggling to solve the loyalty puzzle; fortunately, there are ways… Read more »

The Benefits of a Relationship-Focused Recruiting Process

The biggest roadblock to recruiting success in the agriculture industry is a reactive approach. All too often, companies wait until someone leaves a position before scrambling into action, posting the opening and waiting for talent to apply. Unfortunately, the best candidates are not always the people actively looking for new jobs. The vast majority of… Read more »