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Four Secrets to Hiring Top Sales and Marketing Talent

Does it ever seem like top sales and marketing talent are impossible to find? The job market is extremely competitive, and it can leave many hiring managers feeling like they are spinning their wheels. If you are looking to build more effective teams, here are four secrets to hiring sales and marketing talent you should… Read more »

Preparing for Performance Reviews in the New Year

Let’s be honest. Both managers and employees dread the performance review process. However, performance reviews don’t have to be a source of stress. Preparing in advance helps everyone feel more comfortable and makes the process more effective when the new year arrives. Why Performance Reviews Matter According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the… Read more »

This Is Why You Didn’t Hear Back After Submitting an Application

Have you been burning the midnight oil, sending application after application and you’ve heard nothing back? This can be extremely demoralizing, but if it’s happening to you, don’t throw in the towel. There are some common mistakes that job seekers make that keep them from landing interviews; luckily, they are easy to correct. If you’re… Read more »

Interview Prep: Are You Self-Motivated?

Self-motivation is often listed as a job requirement. However, when you’re seeking out a remote project management position, employers will be especially focused on finding a candidate who can stay motivated throughout the day. Working remotely can be challenging. There are endless distractions when you work outside a traditional office environment, and it can make… Read more »

How to Help Employees Work More Confidently

No matter how skilled an employee may be, if they lack confidence, they will not be effective at their jobs.  Employees who lack confidence will take longer to complete tasks, they will interrupt their co-workers and supervisors more often, and will hesitate to solve problems on their own. Conversely, confident employees are more productive, work… Read more »

Building a Strong Relationship With Your Project Manager

Remote employment is nothing new the to agriculture industry. However, that doesn’t mean that hiring remote project managers is without potential issues. Remote project managers can sometimes feel left out, and with good reason: Virtual workers can be easy to forget about since they aren’t physically in the same location. If you want to reap… Read more »

Is Your Team Engaged?

Employee engagement is a subject that’s become increasingly popular among business leaders and human resources professionals. We tend to think of “engagement” in terms of flashy Silicon Valley companies with ping pong tables and nap pods, but engagement is much more than that. It is about employees feeling connected to their work and wanting to… Read more »

Is There a Reason Not to Hire You?

We all know nobody is perfect. However, when you’re in the hot seat during an interview, it’s easy to feel the pressure to make yourself seem perfect. This can be extremely stressful if you have a blemish or two in your work history or experience that might prevent you from getting a job. Here are… Read more »

How Can You Help Your Workforce Avoid Burnout?

Burnout isn’t just a buzzword. Sometimes people confuse a little bit of stress for burnout, but burnout is a very real phenomenon. It can be defined as physical and mental exhaustion and often depression that stem from overwork. Research shows burnout leads to disengagement and a lack of productivity, and burnout can spread among a… Read more »

Are You Making the Most of Your Staffing Partnership?

The key work in “staffing partnership” is “partnership.” If you want to be sure your staffing agency is providing a return on investment, you have to see your recruiters as more than just people who take orders. To reap the business benefits of quickly sourcing subject matter experts who add value to your projects, you… Read more »