Strategies to Improve Employee Productivity

The University of Warwick in the UK found that one way to improve employee productivity is to make sure that staff is happy. A happy individual can be up to 12 percent more productive. For employers, finding cost effective ways to lift staff morale could improve bottom lines.

Companies such as Google have instituted employee support programs and seen satisfaction levels rise by close to 40 percent. However, most employers do not have the resources that the search engines of the world possess. How can an employer increase the level of happiness among staff without resorting to costly financial incentives?

Employers might consider a strategy more clearly if “emotionally healthy” employees are the goal. The following are some ways to fosters emotional health among employees.

  • First, ask employees what they need to feel less stressed and more engaged. Consider flexible work options, career development, and training opportunities. Once feedback has been obtained from staff, action must be taken in response. If staff feel that they are being listened to and their opinion matters, trust and loyalty will grow.
  • Consider the working environment. Is the workspace conducive to teamwork? Are there spaces where staff can experience quiet to work on a tough project or if they are feeling overwhelmed? Can the layout be reorganized to improve productivity? Again, staff feedback can be valuable in this case. Providing new furniture or new décor can boost positive feelings about coming to work every day. Research from New Zealand finds that ergonomic furniture and better space can improve productivity by up over 60 percent.
  • Trust your staff to do their job. For example, instituting flexible work options can cause staff to work harder because they recognize that they are accountable. Similarly, allowing staff access to social media accounts could improve communication. Positive word-of-mouth from employee posts can boost a company’s reputation.

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